For companies

You are an american company and you want to hire a french-speaking trainee or intern for your company?

Look no further, Close to USA is here to assist you in your recruitment of qualified talents.
Our candidates are extremely motivated and during their internships, Close to USA can be reached at any time for you and your intern/ trainee.
There is no cost for the host company.

This is an excellent opportunity to support young talents, especially for companies that need flexible, multicultural, seasonal support or who are trying to reduce payroll taxes.

Not all companies are eligible to host J-1 visa trainees, as the US State Department imposes eligibility criteria:

Mandatory criteria for the company:

- Have at least 1 full-time employee at the place where you will host the intern
- Respect the ratio: 1 trainee maximum for 5 full-time employees (a company with less than 5 full-time employees will only be able to accommodate one J1 Visa intern, a company between 10 and 14 employees can accommodate 2 J-1 visa intern)
- Have a Workers Compensation Policy that covers the trainee (This is mandatory unless the state in which the company is domiciled does not require Workers Compensation)
- Exist for at least one year;
- Have an office to welcome the trainee/intern

The benefits of hosting a J1 intern:

. They are dynamic and mobile and they want to learn
. International trainees are available throughout the year from 3 to 18 months.
. They have a facility of adaptation and they are not afraid to leave their comfort zone. They speak English fluently.
. Our candidates are qualified in their field and we make sure to check their references and skills.
. The company does not need to sponsor. Our company takes care of it and vouches for the trainee.
. Fees are lower for your company because you are exempt from paying Social Security, Federal Unemployment and Medicare taxes. We also provide an health insurance for our interns/trainees that will cover them for the duration of their internship
. You benefit from a qualified talent at a lower cost.
. We accompany them in the visa process, we help them in their search of accommodation so that the trainee/intern is ready to work upon arrival
. We fill in all the documents of the J1 visa process for you.

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